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Expect MORE from your beverage brands

We are More Drinks, a beverage formulation company based in El Segundo, California, with a mission to introduce exceptionally crafted drinks, suited to modern lifestyles, to the alcohol space.

Discover a new generation of premium alcoholic beverages

Currently, we own and manage two drinks categories: Gilly’s Legendary Lager and United States of Espresso. Each of our brands has a unique character and style but together they tell a story of passion, craftsmanship, and quality.

It’s where our expertise and the finest ingredients meet to create something truly special. A delightfully refreshing drinking experience worth its premium.

At More Drinks, we believe everyone deserves more than the same old story from the brands they support.

It’s time to experience something different—something better. Whether it’s superior ingredients, a deeper story, thoughtful branding, or MORE enjoyable brand interactions, always expect ideas beyond the conventional with More Drinks.

Our company was created to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of customers with a thirst for quality beverages. Everything we do is rooted in the spirit of bringing people together and fostering human connections. We have made it our mission to make that connection with our customers as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Created to meet life’s moments

We are inspired by those moments in life worth raising a glass to. Celebrating milestones with family, catching up with friends, or taking that first sip after a long day. Whoever we are, wherever we go — these moments define us. With More Drinks, anyone can have that moment and make it extra special.


Serving your wholesale needs

We want people to get excited when they see our products behind their favorite bars and in their favorite shops. If you’re a liquor store, restaurant, bar, or supermarket, you can count on us to provide quality beverages to your patrons, clients and customers.