About Us

We are a passionate team with decades of experience in the beverage space and a fierce commitment to practices that put quality first. We tap into the unique talents and perspectives and extraordinary ideas of our team to build our company into something truly remarkable.

More Drinks Founders

The champions behind our brand




Sean has 30+ years of Food & Beverage experience, and alcohol CPG background having launched his own Tequila Brand.  Sean is a true people person and experienced operations specialist.  He enjoys any time spent with his family of 3 in his home state of California, and is rumored to be an avid Jordan shoe collector.




With 20+ years of Food & Beverage experience, Andrew has owned and operated multiple bars and restaurants. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Andrew has proven to be a seasoned brand builder and passionate entrepreneur. He enjoys all things outdoors, motorsports, board sports, and adventures with his family of 5.



Regional Sales Director

a tenured Food & Beverage specialist with experience across the board.  From bartending, management, team training, to coordinating events – it’s no secret that Leira breathes the industry.  In her free time, she loves to do anything outdoors and with her dog Frank.  From hiking 14’ers, off-roading, rock climbing, to surfing and skateboarding down by the beach.



Director of Marketing

Rachel has honed her skills during her tenure with F45 Training, notably the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world.  She has proven to be an integral part of their marketing team during the company’s explosive growth.  Rachel is a marketing guru with an entrepreneurial spirit.  She enjoys spending her free time with her husband and furry family.



Chain Accounts Director

a veteran of the beer industry, he has managed brands through regional and national growth.  Mike is a true rugby enthusiast with a passion for competitive sport, health and fitness.



Director of Relations

A veteran of the Food & Beverage industry, Ashley has seen every side of the business. Having called home to Nebraska, Chicago, New York City – she has finally landed in sunny Santa Monica, California. When she’s not selling and/or drinking beer, she loves going to the beach, being active, and listening to good music. Some say her karaoke skills would make Celiene Dione run for the hills.



Director of Events

Matt has been in the events space for the last 11 years; planning, building, and executing for large and small parties as well as festivals. In his free time he enjoys all things NFL, drinking beer, riding his beloved Yamaha scrambler, and DJ’ing for his cats. Meow that’s love.


Quality, partnerships, integrity and purpose inspire our commitment to what we do.

We craft quality products and drive profitability, while adhering to best practices. In doing so, we will always act in the best interest of our team and partners.


We value our consumers as much as our products. This means we are obsessed with bringing an extra level of attention to detail and quality (using the best ingredients whenever possible) to all products that bear the More Drinks name.


Our industry is constantly changing and evolving. Whether meeting production schedules, sourcing raw materials or managing logistics, we strive to create teams and partnerships that ensure each other’s needs are met.


Our team is our family, and we can’t do what we do without them. We come from so many different walks of life, but what we all have in common is our work ethic, trust in each other, and a positive attitude.


We strive to create ties to the communities we serve.  Wherever our products end up, you can count on us to involve ourselves in those communities and find ways to give back.